Decorative Hardware > Earth elements

Drapery hardware by Wesley Mancini

Naturally beautiful best describes the earth elements drapery hardware collection by Wesley Mancini. Inspired by his extensive travels and driven by his passion for design, Wesley has created a stunning carved wood and hand threaded finial collection. Each piece has been masterfully created, drawing on inspiration from the decorative byzantine era, rich Persian culture and 18th century artisan ceramics. Many of the highly unique hand threaded finials have been accented with a layer of  netting evoking a sense of warmth, delicate intricacy and deeply rooted connection to natural forms, further enriched by the earthy palette of this collection, the handcrafted wood pieces have been carefully planned to display the nicks, nail marks and imperfections, therefor creating a distressed finish and giving the look of a gently aged artisan’s piece.

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